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Some Google Ads Mislead Abortion-seekers



    Some Google Ads Mislead Abortion-seekers

    Google ads rely on what users search for to determine what ads appear on the pages of search results. But one San Francisco Mayoral candidate is not amused by a certain agency's misleading ad buys on the search giant.

    City Attorney Dennis Herrera has asked one anti-abortion center, First Resort, Inc, to stop buying ads that pop up when people are searching for abortion providers, reports SF Weekly.

    The ads imply that the pregnancy crisis center performs abortions, when in fact they are trying to "achieve an abortion-free world." 

    Herrera's letter is partnered with legislation introduced at the Board of Supervisors meeting, that would prohibit pregnancy service centers from misleading or lying to the public about their services.

    When searching for the abortions in San Francisco, the First Resort website is in the top three paid results. One of the other two says "Book Vacations Online - 50% Off San Francisco During the 99 Hr Sale."