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Sony Unveils Android-Powered Tablets

Both are small and sleek but come without a price and release date.



    NBC Bay Area's tech and business reporter Scott Budman checks in from CES in Las Vegas with a look at what Nokia is up to these days. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012)

    The 2012 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show was supposed to be about tablets and ultrabooks.

    Sony wants to make sure consumers didn't forget that there are cool tablets on the market that don't start with a stubborn "i."

    The Japanese computer-maker unveiled two tablet computers to go along with its Sony Vaio line.

    Much like the line of Vaio laptops, the prototype tablets are sleek and thin and easy on the eye.

    One of the two tablets comes with a thin docking station, which includes a keyboard and speakers.

    The second tablet comes with two 5.5-inch screens and it can easily folded and pushed into a pocket.

    Both tablets run on the Android operating system.

    Sony did not reveal pricing information or when the products would be launched.