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South Bay Hostage Situation Ends Badly

Scene described by one neighbor as being out of a movie



    South Bay Hostage Situation Ends Badly
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    A shot of the 100 block of Rose Lane in San Jose.

    Two people have been found dead inside an East San Jose home where  a disturbance occurred late Tuesday morning.


    The bodies of a male and a female were found in the home late this  afternoon, police said.


    A disturbance involving a weapon was reported at a two-story  townhouse in the 100 block of Rose Lane, near Capitol Expressway, at 11:47  a.m., Sgt. Ronnie Lopez said.


    "Upon arrival officers heard some shots being fired," Lopez said.


    Officers began evacuating nearby homes and surrounded the  townhouse.


    Police began trying to communicate with two people believed to be  inside the home, Lopez said.


    "We're attempting to make contact with them, we're not sure what  their status is," Lopez said at about 1:30 p.m.


    It was not clear at that point whether anyone had been hit by the  gunfire.


    The owner of nearby Mark's Hot Dogs, who declined to give her  name, said her parking lot was full of police cars and that she and others  weren't being allowed outside.


    She said she had heard what may have been gunshots after police  arrived, but initially assumed the sounds were coming from nearby auto shops.


    Some officers had their guns drawn as they responded, she said.


    "It's like a movie out here," she said.


    Things were even more dramatic at the nearby home of Jen Hung, who  lives across the street from the townhouse that has been surrounded.


    Hung said he was at home with his wife and was on the computer  when police arrived and told them about the disturbance.


    At about 3 p.m., armed officers were still in Hung's living room  staking out the home across the street. Others were in an upstairs bedroom,  and there were snipers in his backyard taking down fences between homes to  allow for more mobility, he said.


    "There's a lot of police now in my backyard," he said.


    Hung said he and his wife were allowed to remain in their home but  were told to stay away from the windows.