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South Bay Opens Unclaimed Money Coffers

Is your money on this list?



    South Bay Opens Unclaimed Money Coffers
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    They don't hand it out in cash, but the money on the unclaimed list of funds is worth the paper it will be printed on.

    Santa Clara County is trying to get extra money is residents pockets on this Tax Day.

    The county's Department of Revenue published a list of approximately 1,350 people who are potential owners of nearly $545,000 in unclaimed money on deposit with the county.  Most of the folks are due about $100 or so, but there are a handful of people in the $1,000 range.

    The unclaimed monies come from sources like fines, penalty assessments, fees and restitution due to victims of crime, that never makes it to the person who is due the money. Your name and the money end up on the list after you leave it unclaimed for three years.

    Most of the time the money ends up there because of a missing address following a returned statement.

    The Director of Revenue said that's why it is really important to make sure your current information up to date.

    "We try to locate owners of unclaimed money via mail, phone calls and skip tracing, but in many cases, our staff is unable to reach the owners because of limited or outdated data," said Susan Ping Wong, County of Santa Clara Director of Revenue Collection.

    Here's where you can check to see if you have any money coming your way.

    If your name is on the list, contact the Department of Revenue at (408) 282-3203 to obtain a claim form.