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Driver Crashes Into South SF 7-Eleven



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    There's something irresistible about the 7-Eleven on El Camino Real in South San Francisco. Unfortunately, its siren song seems to appeal most directly to cars.

    For the third time, a car crashed through the window Friday morning, narrowly missing an employee and injuring a customer according to the South SF Patch.

    Police say that distracted driving is to blame. The driver apparently was searching for a cigarette, and didn't notice that he'd taken his foot off the brake and was rolling slowly forward. That is, until he crashed through the plate-glass window.

    Despite being unlicensed, the driver only received a small citation from police. No other charges were filed.

    In recent years, two other cars have burst through the windows. Both were driven by elderly women.

    There was an even wackier scene Tuesday in Daly City, where the San Francisco Examiner reports a mysterious oil slick in Highway 92 sent vehicles skidding into each other. A motorcycle cop slipped on the spill and was hit by a truck before crews were able to clean up the mess. The highway is now re-opened and ready for the next round of injuries to begin.