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Tweets in Spaaaaccceeee!



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    NASA's space shuttle Atlantis blasts off ... for the last time ever.

     The space shuttle Atlantis launched this morning, marking the end of the shuttle era. 

    Many folks tuned in online to watch the streaming NASA broadcast. The shuttle is off and on its way to whatever space mission it has in store. So now what?

    Fear not internet space geeks! There are several space-related Twitter accounts to follow. Mashable compiled a nice little list for us: 

    1. @NASA - All things NASA

    2. @nasa_astronauts 

    3. @Astro_Ron - Astronaut Ron Garan

    4. @Astro_Satoshi - Along with Garan, Satoshi is currently tweeting from #fromspace

    5. @Astro_Mike - Astronaut Mike Massimino, the first astronaut to tweet from space.

    6. @Astro_Naoko - Astronaut Naoko Yamazaki

    7. @Astro_Nicole - Astronaut Nicole Stott

    8. @Astro_Soichi - Astronaut Soichi Noguchi

    9. @ClaraMoskowitz - writer

    10. @michiokaku - Theoretical physicist, futurist, and author

    Check out the extended list on Mashable's page.