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Jack Dorsey's Square Doesn't Live in a Box



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    Square CEO Jack Dorsey, seen here with a friend, and his company are changing the way people do business.

    After zooming to $3 million worth of business a day, San Francisco startup Square is tweaking the way it does business.

    The company, co-founded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, has tweaked its app, giving the now familiar interface a new, updated look.  All this while doubling the company's size to 130 employees over the last three months, with plans to grow and move into a bigger space in the months ahead.

    If you haven't tried the Square app, you're not alone.  It's still new and feels like something different.  But it's catching on, and could very well be the next way -- with everyone you know snagging smart phones -- we pay for stuff.

    Just the other day we saw a guy selling shirts outside HP Pavilion before a Sharks game.  He did brisk business, with no register in sight.  All he had was an iPad, topped off with a little white Square. It was fun to watch people pay, check out the Square, and walk away wanting one.

    We expect that scene to happen a lot in the coming days. Millions of dollars at a time.

    Scott, like Square, can be found on Twitter:  @scottbudman