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Square Introduces Digital Loyalty Program

San Francisco-based mobile payment startup updates software to make programs easier to set up.



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    Square introduced a new loyalty program for its cash register users.

    Analytics will be at the center of San Francisco-based startup Square's push to have small businesses adopt the mobile payment company's cash register product.

    Tuesday the Jack Dorsey operation introduced a loyalty reward program that allows merchants to reward loyal customers with rewards. 

    The new digital system will give merchants who use Square Register the ability to set up a rewards program of their choosing for customers who use the Pay With Square mobile payment application.

    In essence the program allows merchants to set up a virtual punch card to reward customers at say a sandwich shop with a free meal after they purchase five.

    The merchant can configure the dollar amount and the reward with the software update for Square Register.

    The software will also keep track of customer spending habits and orders. The loyalty program itself is not an entirely new feature for Square users.

    But the software update streamlines the process for merchants and makes it easier for them to set up a program and to track customers.