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Squaw Valley Olympian Designs Gold Medal Workout



    Squaw Valley Olympian Designs Gold Medal Workout

    Olympic athletes train long and hard to get their bodies ready for the grueling demands of world class competition.

    We are about to see the pinacle of true physical strength when the Winter Games begin in Vancouver.

    Wouldn't it be nice to train just like the olympians?

    Well, now you can get a gold medal workout thanks to a new partnership with former Olympic athelets and 24 Hour Fitness.

    Sqaw valley's Julia Mancuso won the gold in giant slalom in the 2006 Games.

    She is one of the trainers who designed a new workout made specifically to get people Olypmic ready.

    Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler is also on the workout team.

    She says strong legs and a stable core are key.

    "So the great thing about this exercise and how it relates to snowboarding is out on the slopes can be very unstable, you have to be able to stablize the entire run, so having the exercise on an unstable objects help to train that," Bleiler said.

    Fitness trainers say the exercises are good for olympic athletes and weekend warriors.

    They say it engages your glutes, and helps to strengthen and tone up your muscles.

    And what better way to shape-up than using a world class skier and snowboarder as inspiration.

    The details on the workout are available at all 24-Hour Fitness locations.

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