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St. James Park Hosts Thanksgiving Feast for Homeless



    St. James Park Hosts Thanksgiving Feast for Homeless

    Across the Bay Area, there were thousands of people helping the less fortunate at St. James Park in San Jose. One man assembled it all--with the help of his friends and family. NBC Bay Area's Marianne Favro reports. (Published Thursday, Nov. 28, 2013)

    San Jose's St. James Park was bustling as one man assembled a small army of friends and family to help feed the homeless.

    Bob Mann pledged to make a difference. He is determined that no one who comes to St. James Park today will leave hungry.

    "We've got pie, apple and pumpkin pie," Mann said. "Come and enjoy Thanksgiving. Lets celebrate together."

    Mann got the idea a few years ago after he dropped off some leftovers at the park after enjoying Thanksgiving at a downtown restaurant..

    "About 20 people flocked to my car, and I gave the food to one, but i couldn't feed the others, and I said to my wife that is the last time that will happen," he said.

    So he and about 20 friends and family spent hours making hundreds of turkey sandwiches, and 1200 slices of pie later, his plan is a hit.

    Lorun Taylor savored every bite of his meal, which filled him in several ways

    "It lets us know someone is thinking about us--that we matter," Taylor said.

    From sandwiches to soap, the meal in the park was such a hit that Mann is vowing to do it again Christmas Day.