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Stanford Called One of the "Douchiest Colleges"



    Stanford Called One of the "Douchiest Colleges"
    Stanford's band has plenty of reasons to celebrate.

    "Douche" can literally refer to something dirty or not so literally as a university full of a "brainless" individuals.

    A new book by H. L. Rogers and Peter Littleton, Ph.D. -- somehow we are doubting their Pd.D. credentials -- ranks the "douchiest colleges in America."

    Now thanks to our friends at GQ, we get a sneak peak of the top ten douchiest schools in the country from "The Rogers & Littleton Guide to America's Douchiest Colleges."

    And like any good top ten list, the Bay Area is well represented.

    Making the cut as the No. 4 douchiest college in the country is none other than our very own Stanford.

    Andrew Luck aside, the school is called the home of the "it's not actually a network, it's more of a cloud" douche.

    The book says the school's core belief is "you are above California, even though you do love the weather."

    It goes on to explain the farm's "douchey affectations":

    Because you can't be bothered with "fashion," you wear old Gap jeans, Havaianas flip-flops, a T-shirt with the name of an obscure tech company that ends in a y—Blippy or Swipely or Smackly or Webbly—underneath a Stanford sweatshirt. You have 17,000 Facebook friends, some of whom you've met before, and you plan on starting a company and getting filthy rich someday so that later you can "do good." But, you know, first you have to get filthy rich.

    The No. 1 douchiest school turned out to be Cornell because not even Stanford pretends to be a "fake Ivy League" campus.

    To see the full list of schools, visit GQ's website.The book is

    available from Amazon

    for $10.17.