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Latte Sipper Pushes 'Get a Coffee, Give a Coffee'



    Latte Sipper Pushes 'Get a Coffee, Give a Coffee'
    Jonathan Stark started his program as a social experiment. Photo: Kris Van de Sande on Flickr

    Starbucks customer Jonathan Stark wants to share a cup of coffee with you. In fact he wants to buy you your first round.

    Stark recently made the bar code to his mobile Starbucks card public online and is telling anyone and everyone who will listen that it's free for them to use.

    Though he isn't requiring it, he hopes that good cup of kharma will spill out of your heart and onto the next person that downloads the card.

    "Jonathan's Card is an experiment in social sharing of physical goods using digital currency on mobile phones. I stumbled on the idea while doing research related to my work with Mobiquity related to Broadcasting Mobile Currency," he said on his website. "Based on the similarity to the 'take a penny, leave a penny' trays at convenience stores in the US, I've adopted a similar 'get a coffee, give a coffee' terminology for Jonathan's Card."

    There is of course a side perk for Stark. By giving out his card, he gets to sip a free coffee for every 15 purchased on it, per Starbucks' program.

    For more information on the program or to download an image of the card, visit his website.