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State Discovers Internet, Considers Online Registration

New bill would allow voters to avoid paper registration, but DMV hurdles remain.



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    Hey, have you heard about this new "Internet" thing? Apparently you can use it to talk to people or whatever.

    Government officials, always on the cutting edge, are considering a new plan that would allow people to register to vote online, just like we've been doing for years with everything from banking, taxes, dating, and employment.

    Why has it taken so long for California, home of Silicon Valley, to step into what was once adorably called "cyberspace"? It's unclear. Other states are way ahead of us in this regard, but our own modernized voter  database is still years away, according to the CC Times.

    But Senator and San Francisco Mayoral candidate Leland Yee are pushing a bill that would let voters send their data to county registrars electronically. In other states, similar measures reduced the  cost from 83 cents to three cents per-voter.

    According to state code, Section 12950.5, Section B, "the Dept. shall provide the digitized signatures of every person that registers to vote" on the card provided by the DMV.