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Stephen Colbert in Running for School Name

New San Landreo facility draws 29 nominations in naming effort



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    Stephen Colbert, center, was nominated by a San Leandro resident to be honored with a high school campus named after the TV funnyman.

    San Leandro High School is crowded, so the city is building a new campus nearby just for the freshman class.

    So officials asked the community to nominate names for the new campus, asking for both descriptive names ("Freshman Campus") and names of people.

    Among nominees, former San Leandro resident Fred Korematsu led with way with 32 nominations. Korematsu unsuccessfully challenged the country's detention of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

    Korematsu is joined by fellow civil rights pioneer, union organizer Cesar Chavez.

    Celebrities suggested included President Barack Obama, faux-news anchor Stephen Colbert and former Vice President Al Gore.

    Colbert already has a couple of area honors, with the San Francisco Zoo's Bald Eagle Recovery Program naming a bird after him. And the bird theme continues. One of the falcons that lives atop San Jose City Hall flies with the more culturally-sensitive name of Esteban Colbert.

    Plenty of local politicians are also honored, including State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, who attended San Leandro High.

    The school board's trustees will announce their decision Dec. 15.

    Jackson West would like to see what Colbert makes of this, but thinks Korematsu deserves the honor.