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Stephen Joseph's Photography

Capturing magic from Mt. Diablo to Vasco Caves to Muir Woods.

Stephen Joseph's Photography

Beautiful photography of Mt. Diablo, Vasco Caves and Muir Woods

(Published Wednesday, July 19, 2017)

Stephen Joseph is a famed local photographer and an old friend.  My crew and I first met and filmed with Stephen for "Bay Area Backroads” in the early 1990s.  Our story then was about Stephen’s passion for Mt. Diablo and his extraordinary photographs of the mountain he knew so well in every season and loved so much.  We’ll discuss Mt. Diablo again with Stephen and see some of his latest photographs there and also in and around the Vasco Caves hidden in East Bay Hills and the ancient trees of Muir Woods soaring towards the sky in Marin County.


Stephen Joseph's Website

Stephen Joseph Photographic Gallery

Mt. Diablo State Park

East Bay Regional Park District

Vasco Caves 

Muir Woods/GGNRA