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Images from the Bay Area

Storify Photos: Richmond Refinery Fire

Images from around the Bay Area of the refinery fire in Richmond.



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    Users flooded Twitter with pictures of the Richmond refinery fire.

    Fire Erupts at Richmond Refinery

    A fire was reported around 6:30 p.m. Monday one of the processing units at the Chevron refinery in Richmond.

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    RT @jaffeps: HUGE fire at Chevron's Richmond Refinery. Dickinson
    Chevron refinery in Richmond is on fire!!
    RT @kuyaGeorge: Refinery fire in Richmond can be seen for miles. Fuck. Capangpangan
    #chevron #richmond refinery fire 7:10 pm from Arlington B El Cerrito #TwitPict
    RT @brondmo: Huge fire in Richmond, CA. Looks like it's at the refinery.
    BART stopping at El Cerrito not going to Richmond MT @mikejcorey: Pretty bad refinery fire in Richmond...”Coulter Jones
    RT @b0bm0rgan: Massive explosions and fire at Chevron refinery in my hometown of Richmond. Amato
    Fire at Chevron refinery in Richmond, with smoke reaching Pinole now.
    RT @HossfeldVyrds: You can see flames from here and huge plumes of smoke #Chevron Oil Refinery fire in Richmond , view from #napa
    Two huge flames. Chevron refinery fire in Richmond, CA. Hartley
    RT @LRiddellSF: Chevron refinery on fire. McNiece
    Richmond Refinery fire!
    The refinery is on fire in Richmond. Look how close I am. Pray for us Brown
    RT @JJJ: #sfsmoke Chevron refinery fire in Richmond - Smoke 3000 feet high Morris
    Major fire at Chevron refinery in Richmond, viewable from my deck. Landau