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Storm Floods Creeks, Destroys Beaver Dam

This not what we normally expect on the first week of spring.



    NBC Bay Area meteorologist Jeff Ranieri's storm update. (Published Thursday, March 24, 2011)

    Northern California's latest storm swept through the Bay Area Thursday just like the forecasters said it would causing widespread flooding, downed tree and mudslides. 

    Thursday's rain event was the latest in a series of storms that swelled lakes, reservoirs and rivers, prompting flood concerns in some areas. Interstate 80 in the Sierra was closed Thursday evening due to white out conditions and may not reopen until Friday. A combination of potholes and flooding has forced Caltrans to close two northbound lanes of Interstate 880 in Oakland at the height of the evening commute.

    Just after 5 p.m. a flash flood warning was issued for Pescadero Creek in San Mateo County.

    Also, the Santa Cruz County Office of Emergency Services issued a flood warning in the Santa Cruz Mountains Thursday afternoon after the San Lorenzo river began spilling its banks. A reverse 911 call went out to about 800 residents telling them to evacuate in the area of Felton Grove, Gold Gulch and Paradise Park. The flood was lifted at 6 p.m.

    The Capitola police department also issued an evacuation Thursday night for some 600 in Capitola Village and Pacific Cove Mobile Home Park due to flooding concerns. 

    There were lots of reports of both street and creek flooding throughout the Bay Area.

    Shannon Road at Kennedy Road in Los Gatos was a river of water in the morning hours.  A creek also overflowed its banks onto San Felipe Road in San Jose.  (You see pictures of all the damage in the embedded gallery).

    Santa Cruz Mountains Landslides

    [BAY] Santa Cruz Mountains Landslides
    Santa Cruz Mountains landslide near Mt. Herman.
    (Published Thursday, March 24, 2011)

    There was also flooding reported in the Martinez area on Alhambra Avenue.  Free-lance photographer Craig Cannon said the infamous beaver dam in Marinez was destroyed and that a torrent of rushing water was lapping within a foot of the base of the downtown bridge. 

    A mudslide covered train tracks in the Niles Canyon area of Fremont. ACE service couldn't get through so a bus bridge was set up.

    Downed trees were also a problem throughout the Bay Area. One tree fell on Thornhill Road in Montclair.  Enrique Rodriguez said he was trying to clear the drain when it came down and said it nearly hit him. 

    Where Did Spring Go?

    [BAY] Where Did Spring Go?
    Recent rain and storms are causing problems for many area residents.
    (Published Thursday, March 24, 2011)

    Up in Tahoe, the rain is turning into a mountain of snow. It was enough for emergency officials to issue a gas warning for local residents saying the snow may be high enough to block ventilation systems. That could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Resorts in the higher elevations got another eight feet this week with another five feet in the forecast by the weekend.

    The spring snowfall was enough for both Squaw and Alpine to extend the ski season to May 8.