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Stow Health Update: "Great News"

Injured paramedic reportedly mouthed his own name.



    Bryan Stow's family spoke exclusively to NBC Bay Area News about Stow's progress. NBC Bay Area's Kimberly Tere reports. (Published Friday, July 22, 2011)

    Bryan Stow's mother said in an interview Friday that the Bay Area paramedic is making strides after coming out of his more than three month coma.

    In an interview with KFI radio, Ann Stow said her son had his first verbal responses.

    "They think he is becoming fully awake," she said.

    According to his mother, Stow awoke Thursday from the coma he had been in since he was beaten at Dodger Stadium following the Opening Day game. She said on Friday, he was wide awake and  able to mouth the word "morning" to his nurse.

    Stow's mother said she brought his two children to see him and he recognized them both.

    "Everybody's floating on clouds. They can't believe it," she said.

    Ann Stow said she even received a phone call from her son's neurologist, who is currently in Paris. The doctor told her that he was excited by the development.

    Ann said she did not expect the verbal developments until Bryan had been in rehab for a year.

    Earlier Friday, the Stow family posted an update on Bryan's condition, describing it as "great news."

    Special Section: The Bryan Stow Case

    Posted under the headline, "A man with a will to survive," the item claimed the hospital told the family that Stow, 42, was very alert on Thursday morning and he had both eyes open.

    "The nurse practitioner told us he had both eyes open, his right hand was either trying to give a thumbs-up or to hold up two fingers," the site reported.

    It went on to say he was able to open and close his eyes on command and when asked his last name, he mouthed "Stow."

    The family admitted that Bryan still has a long way to go in his rehabilitation and they expect he'll have some steps backwards, but were elated by the strides he has made since waking from the coma.

    He underwent two surgeries earlier this week to relieve a fluid build-up on his brain after he suffered a seizure.