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Atherton Student Calls 911 on Teacher



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    An Atherton teacher, apparently upset by his class' inattention, dropped a desk and allegedly used profanity -- prompting a 911 call from the girls' restroom, according to The Daily News.

    A 13-year-old student at Selby Lane School told a 911 dispatcher that she was "scared" after John Haynes picked up a desk a few inches from the ground, dropped it, and it toppled, according to police. The same police that arrived to find a serene classroom scene.

    Haynes has been placed on paid administrative leave -- a non-disciplinary move that is standard anytime the school looks into an event.

    District Superintendent told the Daily News she hopes to complete the investigation in the coming days. She noted that Haynes is "an excellent teacher."

    Ruby Prado, the mother of the student who lent the caller the phone, said she'd be surprised if Haynes used profanity, and that her daughter is an honor-roll student largely because of Haynes' teaching.

    "I honestly think that this whole thing has nothing to do with my daughter or any of the kids," Prado told the DN. "It just sounds like the whole thing has gotten blown out of proportion."