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Student Spikes Oakland Teacher's Coffee



    Student Spikes Oakland Teacher's Coffee
    Dry erase cleaner does not make a good additive for coffee. Photo: GK Kake on Flickr

    It's not easy being a teacher in Oakland schools.

    First one out of every seven students you have is likely missing a month of school or more every year. And second you can't take your eyes off your coffee for a second.

    One teacher at Oakland International High School learned the hard way. An unnamed student allegedly slipped dry erase cleaning fluid and bleach into her teacher's coffee mug when she wasn't looking.

    The teacher reportedly took a sip from the mug and spit out the contents. The student allegedly spiked the teacher's drink because the teacher caught the student with alcohol on campus earlier.

    The teacher was unharmed and refused to press charges.  The attack could be considered an assault charge and authorities are still looking at a possible criminal charge for the student.