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Students Sickened After Eating Drug-Laced Brownies



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    An attempt to get high off pot-laced brownies landed several Bay Area high school students in a hospital recently.

    Five Union City high school students got sick late last week after they ate brownies laced with an unknown substance, a school district spokesman said Tuesday. The James Logan High School students reported becoming ill or feeling like they were under the influence between Wednesday and Friday. Five students  had to be hospitalized; two went into convulsions.

    A student told KGO-TV that one of his schoolmates who ate the brownies, "just started twitching, like moving constantly. His eyes were just like blinking and his eyeballs were rolling in the back of his head."

    Some of the students said their friends bought the brownies at school and believed they were laced with marijuana. But word in the hallways is that the baked goods were also cooked with heroin.

    "There was apparently more to these brownies than marijuana," school district spokesman Rick La Plante said.

    All the students are fine now. The brownies are being tested to see just what the kids ate.

    Police are also investigating a possible connection to similar incidents at nearby schools. A student at Conley-Caraballo High School in South Hayward was cited for possession of a pot brownie on Jan. 7, La Plante said. Students at Conley-Caraballo High School and Union City's Cesar Chavez Middle School may have also ingested contaminated brownies.

    The school district on Friday made phone calls to parents to remind their children of a basic rule: if you don't know where it came from, don't eat it.

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