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Students to Stand Against Arizona



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    Events are planned across the Bay Area Friday to protest Arizona's controversial illegal immigrant law, which has reignited efforts to overhaul national immigration laws.

    Hundreds of students are expected to march in Oakland Friday starting at 9 a.m. starting from 100th and International and end up in front of City Hall for a rally -- a day before May Day, an annual day of protest regarding immigration issues.

    Organizers say there is a new urgency now that Senate Bill 1070 has passed. The march and rally were organized by Youth United for Justice, a group of students from Castlemont and Fremont high schools in East Oakland.

    Opponents of the new law are worried similar laws will be enacted in other states.

    Some students say they live in constant fear of deporation splitting up their families and want to be better protected. It's likely the students will be joined by some parents who plan to boycott work to march.

    It's just one of many marches and protests planned in response to the new law both today and tomorrow. Others rallies are planned in San Francisco, San Jose and in San Mateo.