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Study: Cocaine Good, Marijuana Bad For Testicular Cancer Risk

Researchers at USC say pot doubles risk of testicular cancer.



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    The life that includes smoking marijuana as a teenager could lead to testicular cancer, according to a new study out of the University of Southern California. But don't worry -- if that life also includes cocaine, the cancer risk is cut, according to reports.

    These odd-sounding startling facts are the results of a study of 350 men, 163 of whom had been diagnosed with testicular cancer, and an examination of their recreational drug use, according to the Bay Citizen.

    Researchers at USC's Keck School of Medicine "do not know what marijuana triggers in the testes that may lead to" cancer, but did find that men who said they smoked pot as a teen were twice as likely to have testicular cancer than people who did not use marijuana -- but that cocaine users' risk was cut in half, according to the news Web site.

    While the marijuana link is a mystery, turns out cocaine cuts blood flow to the testes, which in turn cuts off cancers, the news Web site reported.

    Other drugs the questionnaire asked the men to report using were "poppers, mushrooms, Quaaludes, PCP, barbiturates and speed," the news Web site reported. No word on whether this cornucopia also causes cancer.