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Suburban Road Rage Escalates into SUV Attack



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    Students at Short Elementary School are campaigning this school year for seat belt use in memory of a former student who was killed in a car crash.

    Two family cars turned a suburban parking lot into a monster truck rally this week, with an argument escalating until an SUV driver rammed a car full of kids.

    It's unknown why the owners of the two vehicles started arguing. After exchanging some words, one car rammed the other, then backed up and drove forward again, this time hitting the owner who was standing outside the car.

    The assailants drove off, but police quickly chased them down. Two occupants of the were found to be drunk, and a third escaped capture.

    There's no shortage of drunk drivers on local roads, with a Petaluma man arrested for drunkenly driving away from a bar.

    Despite having previous DUI convictions, Mark Roetter was allowed to keep his driver's license. So, keep an eye out for him on a road near you.

    Another drunk driver was arrested for driving 85 mph in a construction zone in Rohnert Park. Just like Roetter, Kelly Lamoun has a previous record of DUIs, but was permitted to continue driving.

    And even if you don't drink, you could still end up dead behind the wheel: a fitness guru once called "the world's fittest man" died in a crash on Monday when his car hit a phone pole.

    So if you own a car, you might want to make sure your will is all up-to-date.