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Sully Headed To Court

Hero pilot suing bank for real estate deal gone south.



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    Sully Sullenberger looks back on how life has changed since is miracle on the Hudson landing in New York.

    The "Hero on the Hudson" could soon find himself in court. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat says Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger has filed suit against the former Sonoma National Bank. The Danville man and his wife say the bank committed fraud.

    The suit centers around a real estate deal gone south. The Sullenberger's say they were tricked into paying too much for a Jiffy Lube franchise in Paradise in Butte County. The couple says they were told the property was worth $920,000 in 2002, but when they had it appraised in 2008, the appraiser said the original appraisal was wrong and the property was actually worth $720,000 in 2002. The Sullenbergers want their loan nullified and they want to be reimbursed for what they call over payments.

    The company that brokered the deal says Sully is trying to use his celebrity status to make up for the financial losses that most would consider a side effect of the collapse of the California real estate market.

    The suit seeks punitive damages for fraud, negligence and civil conspiracy.

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