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Silicon Valley CEO Tweets Resignation



    Silicon Valley CEO Tweets Resignation
    The maker of servers and business software wrote down the value of the company due to the slow economy and the huge decline in its stock price.

    A Silicon Valley CEO used an old world lyric and a new world distribution to walk away from his job at the formerly mighty tech giant Sun Microsystems.

    Jonathan Schwartz's haiku:


    Financial crisis
    Stalled too many customers
    CEO no more

    Those nine words fell within the 140-character limit, so the avid blogger Tweeted it out.

    Oracle declined confirm Schwartz actually resigned.

    It's no surprise Schwartz is leaving.  He had been expected to go after Oracle closed its $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun and that happened last week.

    When word of his unusual resignation hit the Web, Schwartz's following on Twitter swelled from 1,000 to at least 9,000.

    CNBC Silicon Valley Bureau Chief Jim Goldman says Schwartz's last day was actually Wednesday and that he walked away with $12 million dollars pay out.


    In 2006 Schwartz asked federal regulators to allow companies to disclose significant financial information through blogs.