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Sunnyvale Will Not be Electing a Mayor

Several races were extremely close in the South Bay city.



    Sunnyvale Will Not be Electing a Mayor
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        Sunnyvale voters elected three new council members and one  incumbent and passed one of two measures, according to preliminary election  results Tuesday night.
        Pat Meyering, an attorney and college instructor, defeated Bo  Chang, 41, a small business owner, by 1,054 votes with 54 percent of the  vote, according to unofficial figures.

        In a narrower race, Jim Davis, 59, a public safety officer, beat  opponents Jack Walker, an engineering project manager and former council  member, and Steve Hoffman, 47, a chief executive officer, with 38 percent of  the vote.     In another neck-and-neck race, Tara Martin-Milius, a teacher,  bested Fred Fowler, 54, a corporate vice president and former mayor, and  Maria Alice Pan, a community volunteer, with 46 percent of the vote.
        Incumbent Councilman David Whittum, 50, was re-elected with 10,  974 votes.
        Measure B, which will amend the city charter to delete the current  automatic 5 percent annual cost-of-living increase in council salaries and  reduce future council compensation increases, passed by a landslide 89  percent of the vote.
        Defeated, however, was Measure B, a proposed charter amendment  that would change Sunnyvale's method of choosing a mayor to a direct election  by voters instead of the current method where the city council selects one of  its members by majority vote as mayor for a two-year term.