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SCOTUS Refuses Local Man's God Crusade



    SCOTUS Refuses Local Man's God Crusade
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    President Barack Obama invoked God's name when he took his oath and the Supreme Court says that was perfectly fine.

    The Supreme Court is brushing aside a challenge to religion in government by a Northern California atheist who has made a career trying to chase God out of government.

    The nation's highest court refused to hear a complaint about President Barack Obama adding "so help me God" to his inaugural oath of office.

    Michael Newdow argued that government references to God are unconstitutional and infringe on his religious beliefs.

    The Sacramento doctor has brought several suits trying to remove the word God from public displays involving government.

    Earlier this year, the 57-year-old's request to remove "In God We Trust" from American currency. He also sued to remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance.

    In his latest challenge, the Supreme Court said many presidents have added "so help me God" to the oath.

    Newdow sued to keep Obama from doing so and lost. He wanted overturned an appeals court's ruling saying it would be useless to ban Chief Justice John Roberts from prompting Obama to say "so help me God" because the president could have easily found someone else to administer the oath.