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Surf Warning Not Enough for Mavericks



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    The crowds line up to check out the Mavericks Surf Contest.

    The surf will be up this weekend but, apparently, not up high enough for the surfers vying for the top prize at world-famous Mavericks Surf Contest.

    Organizers of the contest have been on official wave-watch since last weekend, keeping their eyes peeled for the gnarliest waves so they could get the 2009 contest underway. If the waves are deemed ready, contestants have 24 hours to get set for their turn to become the king of the contest.

    Competitors voted on whether the contest would fun and it was a resounding "no" Thursday.

    The news was announced via Twitter: "And the verdict is--NO GO. Unanimous. Not good enuf. We will be covering the action, stay tuned for that, but no #Mavs09."

    The National  Weather Service issued a high surf advisory for the weekend beginning at 10 p.m. Friday. They're expecting waves to reach up to 20 feet along surf zones on Bay Area shorelines.