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Suspect Arrested in San Leandro Safeway Assault



    Suspect Arrested in San Leandro Safeway Assault
    San Leandro Police Department
    Police are searching for a man suspected of attacking a Safeway manager in San Leandro.

    San Leandro police have arrested a 39-year Oakland man in connection with a brutal attack on a Safeway manager last month.

    In a statement issued Tuesday, police said Charlie Johnson was taken into custody on Oct. 4 following the Sept. 23 assault at the grocery store at 555 Bancroft Ave. Police did not provide a photo of Johnson or say what led detectives to him, other than that tips flowed in after police released a video of the assault a day after it occurred.

    “This all would not have been possible without the assistance of a lot of people," Lt. Randall Brandt said in a release. "This was a collaborative effort between media, citizens and neighboring police agencies."

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    Safeway Manager Punched on the Job

    [BAY] Safeway Manager Punched on the Job
    A Safeway store manager was attacked on Monday. Police said the suspect approached the man inside the store and for an unknown reason attacked the Safeway employee. Marianne Favro reports.
    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013)

    The video released shows a suspect approaching the manager inside the store and violently punching the 51-year-old manager for an unknown reason. He fell and was seriously injured. 

    Employees previously told NBC Bay Area the suspect reported to the manager that his wife had lost her purse in the store. The manager responded by telling him where the store's lost-and-found area is located before he was attacked.