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Suspect in Vegas Maserati Slaying Boasts of Gangsta Life

In YouTube videos, murder suspects Ammar Harris boasts of thug life.



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    The scene last week on the Las Vegas strip, where Ammar Harris is suspected of being involved in the killing of Kenny Clutch.

    Ammar Harris is living the life police and prosecutors say he's living.

    The 26-year old is the chief suspect in the recent shooting death of Oakland rapper Kenny Clutch on the Las Vegas Strip, and Harris can be seen online boasting about the stacks of money that have come his way thanks to being a pimp, according to reports.

    In one video, Harris "flashes a thick stack" of $100 bills. In a Web posting, he boasts of the flock of women at his home, all of whom are working for him. In another, he talks about the birthday party he is organizing on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean, replete with a $1,000 bikini contest, the AP reported.

    On Thursday, police believe Harris was the driver of a Range Rover from which gunfire erupted. The shooter killed 27-year-old Kenneth Wayne Cherry Jr.. aka Kenny Clutch, who was driving a Maserati, the news agency reported.

    The Maserati crashed into a taxicab which subsequently exploded, killing the driver and the 48-year old passenger.

    Police are seeking Harris. The Range Rover was found at his apartment complex but he is still at large.