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Suspected Felon Rats on His Rents, Gets Free Ride to Jail



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    Amos Morrow's mugshot.

    Note to felons out there with multiple felony warrants to his or her name: don't call the police to complain about your parents.

    A 20-year-old Modesto man learned the hard way that crime doesn't pay, even when you are potentially the victim of a domestic dispute.

    Amos Morrow called the authorities early Tuesday morning to complain that his parents were threatening to kick him out of the house.

    The problem for Mr. Morrow was that he was wanted for three felony burglary charges, including breaking into a high school, an elementary school and a car.

    Lost in all the time Morrow has spent in a classroom was the fact that authorities often run background checks on people involved in domestic complaints.

    Dispatchers did just that and found the three outstanding warrants to Mr. Morrow's name and sent sheriff's deputies to a house on the 2100 block of Peggy Lane in Modesto.

    Mr. Morrow was waiting outside the home, ready to lodge his complaint against his parents, according to authorities. But instead of interviewing the parents, the deputies escorted Mr. Morrow out of his parents and home and straight to jail.

    Morrow was booked on all three outstanding charges and is currently being held on $151,500 bail. He is also no longer living in his parents home.