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SJ Suspicious Package Deemed Harmless

Police said they took extra precaution because we are close to the 9/11 anniversary



    SJ Suspicious Package Deemed Harmless
    Tony Kovaleski
    This is the construction area where the device was found

    A report of a suspicious package disrupted businesses in downtown San Jose Tuesday for about three hours.

    The package in question was discovered at a construction site in the area of Market Street and Santa Clara Street around 11:30 a.m. 

    San Jose police said an employee at a construction site called them to report he discovered something suspicious.

    It was deemed to be harmless by 2:45 p.m.

    NBC Bay Area's Tony Kovaleski said the object was described as a box within a box.  He said early on in the investigation crews do not want to blow it up before they could  x-ray it.

    Authorities at the scene said they used extra precaution because suspicious writing was found on the box. They also noted that the date is September 10, which is one day away from the 9/11 Terror Attack anniversary.

    The San Jose bomb squad was called to the scene, including a robot.

    Police said two blocks in each direction surrounding Market and Santa Clara Streets were closed. 

    Kovaleski said there are lots of businesses in the area were inconvenienced by the shutdown.

    NBC Bay Area viewer Mark Waxman sent us the photo to the right. He took it from building next to the construction site and shows the bomb squad at work.

    Police said the scene would be clear sometime after 3 p.m.