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Tagging Day Monday for SF Falcons

Mama falcon does not like it when humans tag her chicks



    Tagging Day Monday for SF Falcons
    Baby falcon looks nothing like their parents at the start of their life.

        Four baby falcons in a nest 33 floors above downtown San Francisco will receive identification bands from wildlife researchers on Monday afternoon.

        The four baby falcons, who began hatching in late March, are in a nest atop a skyscraper housing PG&E headquarters at 77 Beale St., PG&E  officials said.     At about 1 p.m., scientists from the University of California at Santa Cruz will place identification bands on the falcon chicks so they can be easily identified in the future by researchers and birdwatchers, officials said.
        The identification bands will not interfere with the lives or activities of the falcons but will assist scientists in the ongoing efforts  to restore the species to a healthy population, officials said.
        The tagging can be watched live online via the "falcon cam" at  www.scpbrg.org.
        A media availability will be held with wildlife experts following  the operation.