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Tahoe Diver Recovered 17 Years Later



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    A mystery that goes back nearly two decades appears close to being solved in Lake Tahoe.

    This past week a specialized underwater device searched a rock crevice 265-feet deep and found the body of a person in a scuba diving suit.  It is believed that person is a man who disappeared while diving back in 1994.

    Donald Windecker, 44 of Reno, was diving with a friend when he experienced some kind of equipment trouble and never resurfaced. Efforts to locate his body at the time were unsuccessful.

    The new search was sparked after a sport diver checking a sunken boat spotted the body in late July.
    Deputies with the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department brought the body to the surface near  Rubicon Point last Wednesday. That is the general area where Windecker was last seen.

    The water temperature at 265 feet is a constant 35 degrees, which mostly preserved the corpse, according to deputies.

    The body was taken to the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office where dental records will establish a positive identification.