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Taiwanese Man, On Worldwide Bicycle Ride, Stops in Cupertino

Ethan Chang's worldwide ride continues tomorrow.



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    Ethan Chang is on a long bicycle ride.

    A 14-month, 20,000-mile bicycle ride.

    Chang, 33, has ridden his bicycle from his home in Taiwan, across Asia and Europe, throughout South America and -- most recently -- from Florida to a well-deserved two-day rest stop in Cupertino, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    Chang left Taiwan in April 2012 with a "fairly typical mountain bike" and about $25,000 in cash, the newspaper reported. Since then, he has pedaled across the world, stopping along the way to blog about his adventures at ethan-around-the-world.blogspot.com.

    He quit his job designing gardening tools and sold all his possessions before departing, the newspaper reported. Along the way, he's stayed at 40 different houses, made 100 friends or more -- and he has not had any trouble with the law or thieves once.

    Except the one time a woman with a loaded gun answered the door when he came knocking for water. That was in Texas, the newspaper reported.

    He is scheduled to depart the Bay Area on Wednesday, on his way to Anchorage.

    So, why a bike?

    "On a bike, you can smell the difference between countries when you cross a mountain road on the border," Chang told the newspaper.