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Taking It To Union Square Streets



    The Union Square ice rink will be back this holiday season.

    The Christmas shopping crowd will be seem like a small memory later today in San Francisco's Union Square.

    About 1,000 angry hotel workers are planning to march down Market Street this afternoon.

    The march is the latest salvo in a fight between union members and management.

    Workers have been without a contract since August.

    The workers are also calling for a new boycott of the Hilton San Francisco.  Other names already on the boycott list are the Grand Hyatt, the Palace  Hotel, the Westin St. Francis and the W Hotel.
    So unless you have a horse in this race, stay away from Market especially between Third and Fourth streets.

    The union is promising acts of "nonviolent civil disobedience." Previous protests often end in the lobby of one very unlucky hotel.