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Target Stabbing Suspect's Mom: "She's Lost Her Mind"



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    Layla Trawick

    The mother of an Antioch woman accused of going on a stabbing rampage at a Southern California target store says her daughter has, "lost her mind."

    Layla Trawick, 34, was arrested at a Los Angeles Target after she stabbed four people, including a woman holding a baby, in an apparent random attack. An off-duty LA County sheriff's deputy was shopping at the West Hollywood Target when he heard screaming and saw Trawick with two knives in her hands. He took out his gun and told her to drop the knives and she did.

    At one point, Trawick reportedly screamed, "I'm bipolar. There's no witness protection program."

    Trawick's mother says her daughter has been bipolar and schizophrenic since childhood and that she hasn't taken her medication since she was a teenager.

    "I don't know what goes on in her mind. She's just not a regular person." Trawick's mother said. "She's lost her mind."

    Trawick's mother said she's been trying to get her daughter institutionalized for years and that she supposed to move back to the Bay Area in a couple of days. She had been living in LA with one of her friends.