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Tased Man Dies of Excited Delirium: Police



    Tased Man Dies of Excited Delirium: Police
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     Vallejo police said this afternoon that the man who died after  police officers shot him with Tasers Tuesday appears to have died from  excited delirium, but the Solano County coroner's office has not officially  determined the cause of death.

         Police also said preliminary toxicology test results showed  Michael White, 47, had cocaine in his system "which may have contributed to  his medical issues."      Excited delirium has been attributed as a contributing factor in  the deaths of people who are under the influence of methamphetamine or  cocaine when they struggle with police, or are shot with Taser stun guns or  have underlying heart problems.
         The issue, however, remains controversial.
         Solano County Sheriff's Lt. Gary Faulkner said the coroner's  office has not determined the cause of death, which is pending toxicology  tests.
         Faulkner also said the coroner's office does not release  preliminary autopsy results. He said it's "reasonable" to consider excited  delirium as a cause of death, "but that's speculation."
         Two police officers shot White once with Tasers after he assaulted  a neighbor around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday at her mobile home in the Vallejo Mobile  Estates, Lt. Eric Mortenson said this afternoon.
         Police said White was delusional and irrational and refused to  comply with responding officers' directions.
         White became violent and struggled with officers and with fire and  medical personnel who were putting him on a gurney and in an ambulance,  police said.
         White was pronounced dead at Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical  Center at 5:22 p.m. Tuesday, the coroner's office said.
         Mortenson said White tried to choke the neighbor, was screaming,  waving his arms and sweating.
         Police found cocaine and a smoking pipe in White's bathroom,  Mortenson said. Based on White's behavior and the preliminary toxicology  results, police believe he was under the influence of a stimulant, Mortenson  said.