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Former Modesto Teacher To Appear In Court

Ex-teacher Is Facing Charges Of Sexual Misconduct



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    The Modesto Bee
    "In making our choice, we've hurt a lot of people," James Hooker. "We keep asking ourselves, 'Do we make everyone else happy or do we follow our hearts?'" Hooker is seen here with Jordan Powers.

    The former Modesto teacher who is making national headlines for all the wrong reasons will appear in court this morning.

    According to the Modesto Bee, James Hooker will appear at a Stanislaus County courtroom for a pre-trial hearing. The 41-year old faces a charge of sexual misconduct with a teen aged student 14 years ago.

    Hooker had left his wife and three daughters to pursue a relationship with a student, 18-year-old Jordan Powers, while he was teaching at Enochs High School.

    The alleged victim had come forward after hearing about Hooker's most recent tryst with another teen. Hooker was arrested last Friday, but has since posted $50,000 bail.

    Hooker was placed on administrative leave by the school district after it found out about his current relationship, but he resigned his post in February.

    She recently ended their 2 month romance after hearing about Hooker's alleged past sexual misconduct.   

    Hooker spent the past several days in a failed attempt to win back Powers. The teen's mother is asking him to stay away from her and the family.   

    While appearing in an episode of the 'Dr. Phil" show and ABC's Good Morning America program, Hooker says he did not have a sexual relation with Powers until she had turned 18.  

    Power's mother is working with state legislators to make it illegal for teachers to date their students.

    State law allows prosecutors to pursue charges on sex crimes against minors even after a lengthy span of time.  

    The filing must be written within a year when the crime was first reported.   Independent evidence must also be tied to the case.