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Tech Executive Crowdfunding Blue Angels' Return

Can he raise $650,000?



    Crowdtilt Tries to Raise Blue Angels Money

    Scott Budman explains how a Bay Area company is attempting to keep the Blue Angels show a go in San Francisco. (Published Thursday, May 16, 2013)

    The Blue Angels have buzzed their last fly-by through the skies of San Francisco.

    Or have they?

    Budget cuts recently forced the U.S. Navy to cancel several Blue Angel flyovers, including our beloved Fleet Week here in the Bay Area. But a local entrepreneur wants to raise money to bring them back.

    Marc McCabe has taken to redefined to try and raise $650,000 to bring the Angels back. No guarantee that it will work; this is, after all, a government agency we're talking about. But it's a cool effort, that has brought in about $7,000, with a little less than a month left in the campaign.

    Hold Your Ears, Blue Angels Are Overhead

    [BAY] Hold Your Ears, Blue Angels Are Overhead
    The U.S. Navy's Blue Angels roared over parts of the Bay Area starting Thursday afternoon. Stephanie Chuang reports.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012)

    Much like Kickstarter, the money you donate only gets taken if the final goal is met.

    McCabe, a tech worker at San Francisco's Airbnb, has a lofty goal, but you never know. Maybe the Blue Angels will once again cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge, thanks to investors.

    Scott cruises on Twitter: @Scottbudman