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Teenage Girl Arrested for Double Homicide



    Teenage Girl Arrested for Double Homicide

    Hayward police arrested a 17 year old girl Thursday afternoon and charged her with a brutal double homicide that happened on Mother's Day.

    Police have had one suspect in custody since the killings, but arrested their second teenage suspect Thursday as she arrived at a job interview.  They initially had her in custody back in May, but released her after questioning.

    The girl, who they are not naming, and her companion, 21-year-old Isaiah Washington, killed Rafael Avila and Carlos Buenrostro (pictured) on May 9, 2010, according to investigators.  Witnesses said Avila and Buenrostro, both 18 years old, were robbed as they got out of their car on Westpark Street.

    Police say the two victims were ordered on the ground and then had their pockets and car searched for things to steal. 

    Police say for no apparent reason the suspects opened fire on both men before driving off.  Police said the shooters worked together firing shots from an assault rifle into the two defenseless men laying on the ground.

    Police who responded to the shootings, saw their getaway car and chased them through the streets of Oakland.  Police say they abandoned that car, but they were able to find two suspects that night after combing the nearby area.

    Two and a half months later, police say they now have the evidence they need to charge both Washington and the girl with murder.  They say the 17-year-old is being charged as an adult.

    The two victims, lifelong friends, were buried next to each other.