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Teens Denied Prom Photos in San Jose Park

$100 permit required for photo-taking, teens told



    Teens Denied Prom Photos in San Jose Park
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    The prom photo was all set to go -- but a group of San Jose teens were told by a park ranger that recordings were a no-go.

    No permit.

    Four couples -- 16-year olds from Lincoln High -- were at the Japanese Friendship Garden at Kelley Park in San Jose, lining up to take photos near the bridge, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

    Memories were about to be made when a park ranger appeared and asked for their photo permit.

    Told that they did not possess a $100 permit for some photos taken with their smartphones, the ranger informed them that photos were not allowed.

    The teens ended up taking photos after the ranger left, but the question remains: is a $100 permit really needed for a couple of iPhone pictures?

    The city's photography policy is a bit vague. Under the FAQ section of the park system's Web site, it says the $100 permits are required for "any type of photography." However, as research pointed out, no permit is needed if the photographer is "just snapping a few pictures."

    Hmm. In the meantime, city officials are apologizing for the (possibly) overzealous ranger.

    "We encourage photography in the park and only require a permit when conducted for the purposes of doing business," a city official told the newspaper.