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Teens to Blame for Marin City Crime Wave

A spate of teen-caused crime is leading Marin City officials to find monetary solutions.



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    The kids are all rioting. And Marin City is willing to pay to get it to stop.

    An "apparent teen-age crime wave has plagued Marin City for the past month," according to the Marin Independent Journal, inspiring officials there to dig into their wallets to find a way to stop the madness.

    A reward fund has been "seeded" with $2,000 in cold, hard reward cash by the county's Housing Authority, the newspaper reported, and community leaders and others are also asked to pitch in.

    A "spate of seven robberies has shaken" the Marin City populace, the newspaper reported.

    On Sunday, a 17-year old was arrested on suspicion of participating in a June robbery following a "probation sweep" in which 36 people were interviewed and seven homes searched by police. An ice-cream truck vendor was robbed at gunpoint last week, and at least a half-dozen robberies and attempted robberies at bus stops in June and July have been reported.