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Tesla Motors Firing Up a New Plant, Retail Space



    Tesla Motors Firing Up a New Plant, Retail Space

    Tesla Motors presses forward with its pricey, snazzy line of cars -- creating jobs along the way. The Fremont facility will also produce any future models for the Palo Alto electric-car maker, according to MarketWatch.com.

    The walk-throughs at NUMMI are later today, so we'll keep an eye out for video. The company is looking to hire about 500 workers, says venturebeat.com.

    The Model S is touted by the company as "the first electric premium sedan designed from the ground up." Can't really argue with that, as the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt are more economically sized and appointed. (The Volt, btw, will have a new TV spot during the World Series ... the only catch is that they're sold out through 2011).

    While the Tesla line is indeed pretty, there was a recent recall, with concerns about a short potentially causing a fire.

    That didn't slow Japan's electro-roll, though, as they not only opened a new retail space for the spunky start-up, but the government is also subsidizing purchase of the $150,000 car with a $40,000 tax credit. The Model S retails at about 1.5 times that of the US price. In contrast, that $40K would totally cover the $37,000 Nissan Leaf.

    One more of those rebates and we're back in the 'everyday affordable' range.