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That Smoke You Saw in Marin Was a House Fire



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    Fire crews were called on to save an expensive Tiburon home today.

    A Tiburon homeowner made a frantic 911 call Wednesday morning to report her house was on fire.  She got out safely, but her home did not fair as well.

    Fire crews responded in force, calling in help from nearby cities.  In all 20 fire trucks were called to the scene from five different agencies.

    Crews had to work quickly to save the home at 116 Lyford Dr. because it is surrounded by trees and is close to the nature preserve.  

    It went from two to three to four alarms in a matters of minutes and in the end suffered extensive damage.

    The 3,800-square-foot home sits on one acre of land with a view of San Francisco and is at the end of a private drive.  The Tiburon fire chief told KCBS radio that no other homes were ever threatened.

    It is not yet clear what started the blaze. 

    A column of smoke from the fire was visible from the Golden Gate  Bridge for much of the morning

    The house next door to the one on fire is on YouTube because it is currently up for sale.  That home is worth $2.9 million.