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The Advocate Pushes For AIDS-Free San Francisco

National LGBT magazine says San Francisco could lead way on HIV.



    The Advocate Pushes For AIDS-Free San Francisco
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    Will awareness of AIDS ever be an awareness that the disease is dead? The Advocate believes San Francisco may be the first to accomplish the feat.

    Could San Francisco become the city that knows how to cure AIDS -- once and for all?

    The city is aiming to become the first area to "reach zero -- zero new HIV transmissions and zero AIDS patients," according to reports.

    A national LGBT-focused magazine, the Advocate
    , says that "San Francisco is arguably the most-determined" city to stamp out what was, not 20 years ago, a surefire-killer.

    Dr. Diane Havlir, who is the doctor-in-charge of Ward 86 at San Francisco General Hospital -- the institution's AIDS ward, where people went to die during the height of the epidemic -- says that "we think we can begin to end AIDS," the Advocate says.

    There have been significant medical breakthroughs in antiretroviral therapy (ART) and prevention therapy called Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, the Advocate reported.

    Right now, the local AIDS Foundation is aiming to cut new transmissions by 50 percent.