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The Bay's Best Places to Win the Lotto

Certain joints seem to have a lot of luck



    The Bay's Best Places to Win the Lotto
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    Which Bay Area lottery-ticket vendors are the luckiest? If you believe lightning strikes twice, buy a ticket here:

    Santa Clara: San Tomas Liquor, Pruneridge and Saratoga Avenues, Santa Clara -- two Lotto millionaire winners here in 1988 and 2001, the last winner won $15 million. In 2004, a 7-Eleven on Bing Drive in Santa Clara sold a ticket worth $99 million.
    San Jose/Santa Clara: Three 7-Elevens have sold winning Lotto tickets selling a total of $140 million. A 7-Eleven on South Bascom Avenue in San Jose sold a winning ticket over a month ago is worth more than $20 million; in 2004, a 7-Eleven on South King Road produced a jackpot worth $24 million in 2004.
    San Lorenzo: Four multimillion-dollar Lotto winners produced at Kavanagh Liquors on Hesperian Boulevard. The first was in 1989 and the ticket was worth $3.9 million; in 1998, another one sold for $12 million; in 2000, a winning ticket was worth $4 million; and then, in 2003, a $28.5 million ticket which actually went unclaimed. Lots of Fantasy 5 winners here. Good karma going on. 41 million-to-1 odds at this location!