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The City Talks Taxes With Tech Again



    The City Talks Taxes With Tech Again
    Joi Ito
    One can imagine pictured Zynga CEO Mark Pincus on the phone to Facebook. "Hey, Zuck, dude, this thirty percent vig is really going to hurt. Let's talk."

    San Francisco's quest to calm the payroll nerves of its tech companies took another turn Monday.

    Mayor Ed Lee and select supervisors met with the heads of several tech companies who do business in the City to talk about keeping them all happy.

    At hand are several companies that want to get what Twitter is getting: a payroll and stock options tax break for multiple years.

    The City made the offer to the San Francisco-based micro-blogging site to keep it headquartered here.

    Twitter had been looking to leave the City before the deal was offered because of the potential tax hit for the company and its employees.

    When word leaked that Twitter was getting a deal, other tech companies, such as Zynga, told the City they wanted something similar or they would leave as well.

    Oakland Mayor Jean Quan even took a trip across the bay to try and convince some companies to do business in Oakland.

    Details of what was actually discussed Monday are scarce, other than the Examiner's report that Zynga CEO Mark Pincus showed in a T-shirt.