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VIDEO: Dead Whale Becomes Ship's Cargo



    The Coast Guard said for the first time ever, a cargo ship has struck a whale carcass in the Bay. (Published Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010)

    A cargo ship at the Port of Oakland netted a catch Thursday that would put a smile only on Captain Ahab's face.

    The container cargo ship hit a whale out in the Pacific Ocean Thursday morning and dragged it into the port.

    The 30-foot whale struck the front of the 600-foot cargo ship but the captain of the ship did not find out about the whale until a tugboat went out to help pull the ship under the Golden Gate Bridge.

    A representative from the Coast Guard said this the first time they have ever heard of a ship striking a whale before in these waters. The whale could still be seen stuck to the ship, belly side up with blood floating alongside in the water, while it was docked at berth 57.

    It was not immediately clear if the ship hit the whale while it was still alive or if it was a carcass floating in the ocean waters.